One-Case Professional

Professional Software for Individual Use

This is the leading software used by family law professionals nationwide.
We are now making it available to individuals to use in their own cases.
The cost is $99.

Financial affidavits

Complete the financial forms that you must file with the court.

  • Enter information only once: numbers you enter on the Child Support screen are carried to the financial affidavit, and vice versa.
  • Easy data entry: enter any income or expense amount per week, or per month, or per year.
  • Includes comprehensive footnoting, so you can explain each entry in your own words.
  • Allows you to create forms for both parties.

Can I Keep My Home?

For people who own their home, this is one of the most common questions asked in a divorce.

Family Law Software can help you answer it.

Just enter information about your mortgage, your incomes and your other expenses, and check out the cash flow bottom line.

If it is positive, thumbs up, you made it!

If not, you can go back to the drawing board. Are there expenses you can reduce? What if you change alimony? There's no limit to the number of scenarios you can try.

Family Law Software is doing all the heavy number crunching, including a mortgate amortization and a detailed calculation of the tax aspects of the mortgage.

So you see the real after-tax impact, and you know whether you will be able to keep your home or not.

Divide Your Property

Divide Your Property

    What would a 50/50 allocation look like?

    Figure out what assets work best for you.

    Prepare for your negotiation by creating scenarios that work for you.

Divide Your Property

Child Arrears

Child support arrears calculations

Child Arrears

Value Defined Benefit Pension

  • If you have a pension that pays monthly for the rest of your life, we can figure out what it is worth, so you can balance it against other assets, such as a house or retirement plan.
  • Our estimate is actuarially correct and complete and is used by divorce and pension professionals nationwide.

Defined Benefit Pension Valuation

Financial Projections

Financial projections

Over 50 reports and graphs let you drill down to line item detail on cash flows and net worth.

Financial Projections

Desktop and cloud editions

Desktop software for PC and Mac.

Cloud Edition

  • Work from anywhere.
  • Work on any device, including iPad and phones.
  • No worrying about file locations.
  • Always current - no need to update.

Upload client files from desktop to cloud.

Download client files from cloud to desktop.

Cloud Edition

Complements Other Documents

Where to Get Other Documents You Need

If you are using the Family Law Software Professional Edition for your own divorce, there will be documents you need to file that are not included in the software.

These other documents are readily available, for free, from your state.

The links below show where to get them for each state we cover:

Complements Other Documents

Consider purchasing this product if

  • You have significant incomes or assets (something to divide or share); and
  • You want to fill in the financial forms yourself; or you have an attorney but want to look in detail at future cash flows and net worth projections; and
  • You will be comfortable figuring out new software.

(We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee, so if it’s too hard, just cancel for a full refund.)

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How It Works

How It Works

Our no-risk guarantee: Full refund within 7 days. Just contact us.

How It Works